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Indigenous Solidarity


As we live and organize on Indigenous lands, settler colonialism continues to inflict genocide upon Indigenous people via theft and destruction of land, the Indian Act, foster care systems, policing & criminal justice systems, healthcare systems, education systems, unlawful resource extraction, dispossession of Indigenous people from land, and the intergenerational trauma of institutions of assimilation & genocide, known as "residential schools". 

Despite this, Indigenous people continue to resist, survive and thrive.

We strive to help repair the harms perpetrated upon Indigenous communities, presently and historically. One way settlers can help is by donating to Indigenous led organizations. Below are some suggestions.


Settlers can also educate themselves. Below are links to reports, inquiries, inquests, calls to action, books, podcasts, workshops, and courses.


Support Health Care and Basic Needs:

Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society 

Aboriginal Front Door Society

WISH- Aboriginal Health & Safety

Support Residential School Survivors:

Indian Residential School Survivor Society

Support Human Rights for Indigenous Children:

First Nations Child and Family Caring Society

Support Indigenous Land Defenders:

Tiny House Warriors

Gidimt’en Yintah Access

Unist’ot’en- Heal the people heal the land

Sovereign Likhts’amisyu

1492 Land Back Lane



Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action

Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls- Calls for Justice

In Plain Sight- Indigenous Specific Racism in BC Health Care- Recommendations

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal- Inequitable funding for First Nations child welfare

A National Action Plan to End Violence Against Indigenous Women & Girls

Submission to United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

Letter from United Nations to Canada re: violation of Indigenous land rights

Public Inquiries, Inquests and Reports



21 things you may not know about the Indian Act

Challenging Racist British Columbia- 150 years and counting

Unsettling Canada

The Reconciliation Manifesto

Warrior Life

Indigenous Nationhood

500 years of Indigenous resistance

Whose land is it anyways- A manual for decolonization


Resistance & Resurgence, Exploring Key Issues Impacting Indigenous Communities Across Turtle Island

Podcasts & News:

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Warrior Life

Warrior Kids


University of Alberta free open online course: “Indigenous Canada”

British Columbia Institute of Technology free open online course:  "Indigenous Awareness"


Nahanee Creative

Decolonize Together

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